How Oregano Improve My Friend's Intestines Condition

It was later in the day, that a medical relative told my friend that it was the antibacterial properties in Oregano that helped him to fight the bacteria in his gut.

How Oregano Improve My Friend's Intestines Condition

Oregano is scientifically called Origanum vulgare. It is a subspecies of hirtum.

If you have ever enjoyed a sumptuous pizza (and who hasn’t?), you will know the peppery, robust flavor of oregano. Yes! It is Oregano that gives that good feeling to pizza! I am sure many pizza lovers do not know this. Oregano when used for cooking gives a pungent, peppery, sharp flavor.

The inclusion of Oregano into the pizza recipe is not coincidental, rather, it is the herb is rich in medicinal properties that can really help people who love fast foods, especially pizza. I know a pizza lover who has difficulty using the toilet. He has not been able to stool for some days. Unknowing to him, his urinary and digestive tracts have been affected by bacteria. He has noted the symptoms but he could not fathom the causes.

I visited him that Sunday afternoon with a box of his favorite pizza. He told me to buy it for along when coming because it has been a long he ate pizza. Shortly after we finished eating the pizza over a friendly chat and gist. My friend excused himself to use the lavatory and stayed there for a long time. Upon his arrival, he told me his situation. It was later in the day, that a medical relative told my friend that it was the antibacterial properties in Oregano that helped him to fight the bacteria in his gut.

He visited his doctor the following day, and the doctor confirmed that the has antibacterial in his gut but thanks to the Oregano in the pizza he ate which helped to fight past the stool that day. The doctor confirmed the antibacterial potency of Oregano in foods and tea and also listed other benefits of Oregano such as the following:

·         It is been known to help fight infection in the respiratory system and urinary tract.

·         It is commonly used in cough medicines, where it helps break up phlegm.

·         It treats symptoms of the common cold and flu.

·         Oregano contains thymol, the primary flavor component of thyme, which provides antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant activity.

·         It is in mouthwashes and toothpaste to fight infection and tooth decay.

·         It helps the heart to stay healthy.

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How to Use Oregano in your foods

In the Kitchen Dishes: Pizza, pasta, stews, tomato dishes and sauces, marinades, soups

Prep: Whole sprigs can be used for flavor when roasting, grilling, or baking: Simply place them on top of whatever you’re cooking in the pan or on the grill. Leaves can be used whole or chopped and added to any dish. Dried oregano has an even stronger flavor than fresh and can be a handy substitute, as it's widely available in supermarkets. Remember to use only one-third of the amount of fresh needed.

Serve: Pair oregano with other bold flavors and serve cooked for the best result. You’ll find it on roasts, grilled meats, roasted or baked vegetables, and in pasta, rich soups and stews, marinades, and tomato-based sauces.

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