Support my State to States Herbal Healing Campaign

Support my State to States Herbal Healing Campaign

On December 13, 2018, my life changed forever when my son, Latorrie Beckford, a vibrant 29-year-old, was tragically taken from me by a serial killer. In the midst of my grief, I found a way to channel my sorrow into a mission of compassion and healing. To honor Latorrie's memory, I embarked on various humanitarian endeavors, including feeding the poor, promoting herbal healing, and helping individuals with low immunity strengthen their systems to combat inflammation and disease.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted my business, which serves as the backbone of these humanitarian efforts. The decline in sales has hindered my ability to sustain and expand my  initiatives. Now, more than ever, the world needs healing and cleansing. As we navigate the post-COVID era, the importance of natural remedies and immune support cannot be overstated.

I am reaching out to you for support in raising $150,000 to enhance and expand the State to States Herbal Healing Campaign.

With these funds, I aim to:

1. Purchase an RV Truck: This will serve as a mobile clinic, enabling us to travel from state to state, bringing herbal healing to underserved communities.

2. Acquire Herbs and Equipment: Essential supplies for creating and distributing herbal remedies.

3. Conduct Free Healing Sessions: Provide free herbal treatments to the less privileged, helping them improve their health naturally.

4. Host Seminars and Workshops: Educate communities on the benefits of herbal remedies and how to use them to treat various illnesses.

The Impact of Your Support

Your generous contribution will enable me to reach more people in need, offering them hope and healing through natural means. The mobile clinic will allow me to:

- Provide Free Herbal Remedies: Distribute herbal treatments to individuals who cannot afford conventional medicine.

- Offer Free Educational Workshops: Empower people with knowledge about natural health solutions, boosting their ability to manage their health.

- Conduct Immune-Boosting Programs: Help individuals with low immunity build stronger defenses against diseases, reducing their vulnerability to illnesses.

 Why Herbal Healing?

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries to treat various ailments and maintain overall health. They are cost-effective, accessible, and often come with fewer side effects than conventional pharmaceuticals. In a world still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, herbal healing offers a natural, sustainable way to support our bodies and minds.

 How You Can Help

I invite you to join us in this mission of love and healing. Your donation will make a significant difference in the lives of many, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to lead healthier lives. Together, we can honor Latorrie’s memory and create a legacy of compassion and wellness.

To contribute, please visit our campaign page or order my book herbal bundles containing four useful e-books for just $24.99. .Every dollar brings me closer to my goal and allows me to spread hope and healing across the nation.

Thank you for your support and for believing in the power of natural healing. Together, we can make a difference.


Anthia Wint

Founder, Finest Herbal Shop LLC