How I Started Menstruation At the Age Of 10

I started menstruating at age 10, that is so strange. Yes! I  know it is strange but that is how it was so strange to me too when it started.

How I Started Menstruation At the Age Of 10

I started menstruating at age 10, that is so strange? Yes! I  know it is strange but that is how it was so strange to me too when it started, but I can say it is not totally strange because there are few people that started menstruating early like me too. 

I must be honest it wasn’t an easy thing, the pain was so much for me; experiencing pain at that tender age is one of the moments I will never forget in my life. It wasn’t a pleasant journey. I went through a lot of pains, I mean serious pains, and it really made my growing up somehow challenging because I started managing pains so early and the trauma that goes with it really reflected in my emotions and most times I feel depressed unnecessarily.

I do not have the courage to move with my peers, because I usually feel like I am not like them and when the menstruation comes I do feel like I am not myself, I mean I lost my self esteem.  I suffered all those things for some time until when my mother began to educate me and encourage me about my condition, she always looked out for me each passing month, she taught me a lot about the puberty stage and I began to get  used to it rather than seeing it as a problem.

That is what marked a great turnaround in my life and I really appreciate my mother for those helpful lessons which changed my life for the better. One of the things she introduced to me then  was an herbal steaming blend, oh! That was my primary pain relief remedy during my menstrual cycle. That herbal blend really helped me.

As a female you need to take proper good care of yourself especially when you start menstruating because you lose blood every month and you need to keep yourself clean and neat to avoid infection. I made this my priority as I was growing and as I was getting used to the situation. Luckily for me I also came across the finest herbal shop organic yoni steam herbal blend for menstrual cycle. Using this yoni herbal blend really helped me a lot  no inching, no cramps whatsoever, using it made me feel relaxed, it cleansed my body totally.


Yoni steaming is very powerful for women's vitality in nourishing the uterus, regulating irregular cycles, reducing menstrual pains and supporting fertility, it also helps in healing and soothing after childbirth, it really helpful, I did this for weeks after my First child and it work so well for me, herbs are of great

benefits for steaming, based on my early experience in life I know herbs really enhance the power of steaming, while steaming on it own is cleaning and detoxifying the uterus, adding some good and great herbal blends will help your steaming session targeted towards healing any issues you are suffering from,

for example when you talk of steaming with just plain water this helps with the increase circulation to the uterus, this have tried while growing and it works so well, but for me based on my experience I seriously looked out for some kinds of herbal blend for steaming, the blood building capacity of those herbs helps

to restore lost blood after menstrual cycle.  Hydrating, cleansing those are also important too because I love to feel fresh, clean and smell good, I do not joke with this herbal blend during my steaming I hate infection so I make sure I do all best to keep myself away from infection, this has always been my practice since age 10 when I started menstruating, yoni steaming supports full spectrum feminine care.


Natural Yoni Steaming comprises of so many benefits  here are some:

  1. Using of yoni steam helps to remove toxins in the body 
  2.  It heals and tones the reproductive system even after childbirth,which supports the body to release fluid and aid the womb in shrinking back to pre pregnancy size.
  1. Yoni steam helps to regulate your menstrual flow,and reduces menstrual cramps
  1. It also help in treating infections and maintaining a healthy feminine odor
  1. It a good healing remedy for damaged vaginal tissues
  1. It helps fertility if you are actively trying to conceive, it helps to create uterine membranes that are moist and receptive for conception to happen, it heals the womb.


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It is not recommended to do your yoni steam during your period

And it is not safe to do your yoni steaming if you are pregnant, stay off totally, avoid yoni steam