How Blocked Fallopian Tube Delayed Us from Having A Child.

The doctor confirmed that she had a fibroid and a blocked fallopian tube. I was shocked when the doctor said she had a fibroid

How Blocked Fallopian Tube Delayed Us from Having A Child.

I have listened to people with fibroid and other infertility issues. Still, I used to think most of them were exaggerating, or maybe they were not doing the right thing not until I experienced it myself, and If I am honest with you, it is not an easy thing at all. Sometimes you may not know how terrible some situations can be until you experience them.

My name is Michael; I married my wife Evelyn in 2015, we love each other, and we started great; everything was going smoothly. We do have fun, laugh, and play with each other as if we are kids. I love my wife so much, and she loves me too. Having a child was not our primary focus initially, as we both agreed before marriage that we would not have a child in our first year.  

However, when we saw some improvement in our finances, and we also got better

accommodation, we decided that we were good to go; that was 13 months after our wedding.  We tried for some months, and nothing happened, so we thought maybe because we were not fully ready, but after 3years of our marriage, it became a significant concern; my wife began to worry, cry, and sometimes she would refuse to eat. I do not show any reaction as I know doing that will only add to the problem on the ground.

I suggested that it was time we take the issue seriously and seek help, so we booked an appointment with a medical doctor; after several diagnoses, the doctor confirmed that she had a fibroid and a blocked fallopian tube. I was shocked when the doctor said she had a fibroid. I was like she had never experienced any fibroid symptoms before, any stomach pain or related symptoms; the doctor gave several medical advice and medication, which we followed.

Blocked Fallopian

After some months, the doctor said she was improving, but she still couldn’t conceive; she became more devastated; it was one of the most challenging times for us.  Fortunately, one of her friends suggested that she should try a natural remedy; that sounded like a stupid idea to me, and I can still remember I said, “that is not going to happen,” but after some time and we still can’t get a way she begged me that we should give it a trial, I was so reluctant to it because

I have heard several adverse reports about herbs and that natural remedy and I think it is just a waste of time and effort if we stop the medications and go for the herbal treatment, anyways I agreed. The first striking thing I observed is that when her friend introduced her to the herbal therapist Anthia Wint, all the things she recommended for the blocked fallopian tube were what we already knew and are familiar with;

as a matter of fact, they are all in the kitchen. Anthia instructed us on how to prepare the remedy; after taking it for some weeks, Anthia Wint, the herbal therapist, asked her to go to the hospital for a checkup, and to the amazement of the doctor and everyone, she had significantly improved, I was so impressed we continued using the remedy. Eventually, the blocked fallopian tube was opened using essential natural herbs.

was so happy! After that, Anthia Wint, the herbal therapist told her to order her natural remedy for Finest Herbal Shop fibroid and cyst and take it for three months to shrink the fibroid before we attempt anything; she said it would be difficult to treat the fibroid if she is pregnant and she would experience more pain during the pregnancy if we do not take care of the fibroid. Our response was immediate, and before the end of the three months, she conceived.

I was delighted, and my wife was so happy too; Anthia, the herbal therapist, didn’t express many surprises; she congratulated us and gave her some Finest Herbal Shop remedies to boost her immunity and help the baby. The delivery was smooth, and we welcomed a beautiful baby girl after five years of marriage just by using natural remedies.

My thinking about natural herbs changed automatically, and I can share my experience and testify to the effectiveness of natural herbs and natural remedies. I am glad she allowed me to share this story with her audience. Thanks to Anthia and her finest herbal shop remedies.

I will continue to advocate the effectiveness of natu