How I Transformed My Skin with Homemade Aloe Vera Soap

The idea of making aloe vera soap had never crossed my mind until one of my customers at Finest Herbal Shop called me and lamented about a product she had ordered on Amazon.

How I Transformed My Skin with Homemade Aloe Vera Soap

For many years, I've maintained my skin with natural skincare. As an herbalist, I have extensive knowledge of using herbs to create effective natural skincare products. However, the idea of making Aloe Vera soap had never crossed my mind. I usually use aloe vera for my haircare products and to create herbal remedies due to its numerous potential benefits.

I  remember a time when a friend of mine was suffering from a chronic case of piles. All I did to bring him relief was to provide aloe vera juice, and it worked like a charm. However, the idea of making aloe vera soap had never crossed my mind until one of my customers at Finest Herbal Shop called me and lamented about a product she had ordered on Amazon. The product didn't work for her; instead, it caused several adverse skin reactions.


According to her, she had ordered an Aloe Vera soap worth $100 on Amazon, which is a substantial amount to spend on a single skincare product. She couldn't help but feel frustrated and cheated. I wonder if there was a better way to create an aloe vera soap that actually works. I decided to make one for myself and put it to the test. The results were truly remarkable. After using the Aloe Vera soap on my body for over three weeks, I decided to send some to her as well. The outcome was  outstanding. Though I have created several soaps with natural ingredients in the past, I must admit that this one worked faster and was more effective. So, I'm here to share with you how to make this amazing Aloe Vera soap so that you can also enhance your skin and achieve a radiant complexion.

To make this amazing Aloe Vera soap, you'll need a few key ingredients and some patience. Patience is important because you must ensure that all the ingredients are meticulously arranged.  Let me walk you through the process I personally used to create my Aloe Vera Soap. Firstly, You'll get a freshly extracted aloe vera gel. To obtain this, I harvested some aloe plants in my garden, using a sharp knife, I carefully removed the leaves' outer layers, I retained only the pure, soothing gel within. A freshly extracted aloe vera gel is the most important ingredient of making the soap, and it's what gives your soap its remarkable properties.


The next ingredient I used was a melt soap base. This base acts as the foundation for the soap and makes the entire process simple. You can easily find this soap base in stores or online, I also added some essential oils for delightful fragrance and extra benefits. I prefer  lavender scents, so I opted for  lavender fragrance and tea tree oil. These essential oils make the soap smell delightful and also provide added care for skin. To think about the shape of the soap bar. I have several Soap molds. In 2021, I produced more than 3000 Natural Soaps for my customers as Christmas gifts. I picked one of the Soap molds that has a unique design that matches my personal preference.


To prepare the mixture, you'll need some essential utensils, including bowls, spoons, and a whisk. Also, a double boiler is useful for melting the soap base, and a measuring scale will be helpful in your case. I Begin by melting the soap base. To do this, I set up a makeshift double boiler by placing a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water. I added the soap base into the bowl, and as it melts, it gradually transforms into a smooth, liquid. Immediately I realized that the soap base had melted. I add my freshly extracted aloe vera gel to the melted soap base. You can Imagine how amazing it will be, right? At this moment the color of the soap starts  coming out in a beautiful light green color, and the soothing scent of aloe vera starts filling the air.


To enhance the fragrance and improve the skincare benefits, I  added a few drops of lavender and tea tree essential oils to the mixture. These oils contribute a pleasant aroma and also provide extra care for skin. At this stage the soap mixture is perfectly blended, the next thing I did was to shape my soap bars using the mold. This process is simple. I filled up the mold with my melted soap mixture and ensured that the mixture covers all the shapes of the mold. 

I then allow the soap to cool and set. This usually takes a few minutes. 

And there you have it! That is how I created my homemade organic Aloe Vera soap that's not only cost-effective but also 100% effective. 


This process is absolutely easy and I want you to give it a trial too. I want your skin to be healthy as mine.

If you need the measurements and the list of the ingredients used let me know in the comment section. Enjoy!